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Yoics is a networking solution that allows users to configure their various devices to become accessible across the interent. The solution is secure, while being easy to setup.

At its core, Yoics can be thought of as a "TCP service" level virtual private network (VPN) technology, that provides a means of communicating to any service via an encrypted peer to peer (P2P) connection. The core daemon, Yoics?d, is highly portable and can easily work in any operating system environment with a TCP/IP stack. Released versions of Yoics?d are available for Windows, OSX, Android, IOS, Linux, uLinux and various RTOS?.

Yoics provides its technology to market as consumer software applications, embedded within other manufacturers products and as developer tools. The Yoics desktop software, available for both Windows and OSX, allows any resource on a personal computer to be made accessible from anywhere on the internet. The Yoics mobile apps, available for both IOS and Android, allow peer to peer access from any mobile device to any other Yoics enabled device. The developer tools allow any software application developer or manufacturer of network related devices to enable their products for secure access from any mobile device or web browser.

At the heart of the solution is the Yoics service, which provides the naming and discovery and manages all of the secure peer to peer connections between people and their devices or devices between themselves. Similar to how domain name services (DNS) work for web-sites on the Internet, the Yoics service allows users to name their devices and get a ?link? that they, and only they, can use to access their stuff. Through the Yoics sharing service, users can also provide this link to trusted family and friends. Premium sharing provides detailed control, including the ability to put limitations on time, number of accesses, duration etc. for access.

The problems we solve

In a world where everything is connected to the Internet, it is actually hard to network various devices to one another. This is especially true for the various silos of LAN and mobile devices from various makers. To make a device on a LAN remotely accessible requires the network router to be configured to open a port and for the remote user to know the (static) IP address and port number to access it. This type of complex configuration is typically beyond the skill set of most consumers and also creates a security vulnerability that can be exploited by a variety of threats.

Yoics secure direct networking changes everything. Enabling secure networking across the Internet using Yoics only requires registration with Yoics. Direct network connections are peer-to-peer, encrypted and each connection session is protected using a unique security key. Yoics will be the provider of Internet based direct networking to the the billions of devices that are on the Internet that need to be connected.

How it works

Once a device or app is enabled with Yoics, all a user needs to do is register it with their email address to make it available to them from any mobile device or web browser.

Once the product is available through Yoics, a user simply needs to click on the unique url link for the product and the magic begins

  1. When a request to access is made, Yoics validates the user & that they have the appropriate permissions.

  2. Yoics then sends unique session keys to both ends, which will be used for that session only. Each session receives a unique key

  3. An encrypted peer to peer connection is then setup between the ends. When the session ends, the keys are deleted and no ports are left vulnerably open on the router. None of the data shared during the connection is stored in any cloud based server.

The nuts and bolts

Unlike other remote access technologies, which typically are designed to connect entire machines or locations together, Yoics provides accessibility directly at the core TCP service level. By providing this ?service level VPN? Yoics provides both unique access for developers to their devices and apps, but also provides the ability to ?virtualize? various elements of their products for unique access.

For example, a network camera manufacturer can make the web-interface available for viewing and telnet available for administration, but have each appear as a uniquely available remote service with distinct service access.

The Yoics desktop takes a similar approach when making a PC available for access from the internet. The user can make each folder, remote desktop, or any service application available, but distinctly available, while legacy approaches such as VPNs would require allowing full access to the entire machine.

Powered by Yoics

Yoics is easily integrated into any desktop application, mobile application or standalone network device that needs secure remote accessibility. Yoics has software development kits available for Android, IOS, Windows, OSX, Linux, uLinux and even certain RTOS platforms.

Many top brands already partner with Yoics to provide mobile and internet accessibility to their products. Visit out developer site for more information about our Powered by Yoics program.