Service Plans

Pick the Plan That Works for You

We offer two levels of  secure cloud networking service; basic and Pro. Pro is intended for advanced users who demand enhanced levels of service and features.

All registered Weaved users automatically receive the Basic service.

Advantages of Pro

  • 10x the number of daily mobile and web accesses
  • 4x longer connection time per access
  • Advertising-free access
  • Guest Pass

Use This Table to Compare Service Plans

Web Browser and Mobile AccessBasicPro
Web / Mobile Connections per Day10100
Web / Mobile Connection Time per Session5 Minutes2 Hours
Number of Devices Connected to Simultaneously110
Total Number of Devices5**25
Alert History***25100
Advanced Sharing Controls (Time Limits, etc.)NoYes
Sharing with Weaved Users210
Sharing with Non-Weaved UsersNoYes
Advertising-Free AccessNoYes
List Price ($US)Free$24.99 / Year*

*Price subject to change.
**Note: Powered By Weaved devices typically do not count against the total of devices under your service plan.
***When most recent events are deleted, more are available to view up to 2880 per day maximum.
Connect speeds are limited by upstream internet connection of the host computer. Most US home upstream networks are limited to about 40,000 bytes per second. Mobile connections may be limited to carriers mobile network download speeds, depending upon your plan.