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Make Your Device Cloud-Ready

Network to your computer from anywhere

  • Access folders
  • View webcams
  • Remote desktop
  • Advanced services
  • Fully secure and private



The Yoics Desktop, is a powerful tool that adds cloud networking to any Windows or Macintosh computer, making it instantly available from anywhere on the internet.

With the Yoics Desktop, every resource on your computer is now available at your fingertips. Any folder can be viewed and files downloaded from any mobile device or web browser, including any photo album.

Got a web-cam? You can see that too. You can even remote desktop from any browser…free!

And with the advanced NOW proxy, you can fully customize any service running on your machine to be available to you from anywhere on the Internet.

Download now (did we mention it’s free?)


All GPL components included in our products can be found at our GPL site.